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Our Services  Wills, Estate Planning & Trusts

Ensure your property is distributed after your death according to your last instructions and directions by having an up-to-date Will, customised to meet your own specific needs. The Kells team also specialises in Testamentary Trust Wills – for clients with more complex estate management issues. While you are talking to a Kells lawyer about your Will, you should also consider other protective measures such as appointing a Power of Attorney and/or Enduring Power of Guardianship.

An effective Will is just one of the steps in the overall estate planning process. To assist with your estate planning, the Kells team can advise you on your total life focus including: retirement options; superannuation; insurance; creating personal wealth; as well as how your assets will be passed on death.

Wills & Estate Planning Services

  • Wills – make sure your Will is valid. 
  • Powers of Attorney - protect your assets in the event of an unforeseen accident or severe incapacity.
  • Enduring Powers of Guardianship - appoint someone to make healthcare decisions, give consent for your medical treatment and/or make lifestyle decisions if you are severely incapacitated.
  • Testamentary Trust Wills - when complex arrangements need to be made, there are Wills.... and then there are Testamentary Trust Wills!
  • Estate Planning - an effective Will is just one of the steps in wise estate planning.
  • Contesting Wills - resolving disputes with creditors and beneficiaries.


Info Sheets

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