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Residential Aged Care

At Kells we care about your future. We can assist you in planning your retirement generally, and/or moving into a retirement village.

As Australians continue to live longer, the need for residential care is increasing.

Moving into a residential aged care facility or retirement village is a big step for many, and like any transaction, there are a number of issues that you will need to consider before deciding on your retirement village options.

Factors that you should be aware of include:

  • The entry fee
  • Ongoing administration fees
  • The grounds on which you can terminate the agreement or change facilities if needed
  • Your financial resources and your capacity to maintain payment of fees
  • Whether your proposed aged care provider requires you to hold enduring power of attorney or appointment of enduring guardian documents prior to entry
  • How you are acquiring the property (leasehold, freehold, strata etc).

Unlike other property purchases, there are factors unique to aged care that mean that your estate planning may not be as simple as it previously was, particularly if family or friends have helped pay for your move with the intention that your estate will repay them.

Selling such properties can also be different to the usual method that houses or apartments are subject to.

Our experienced team can help you review your contract, request amendments on your behalf and ensure a smooth financial settlement and transfer.


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