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Medical and Health

We have the experience and know-how to help you find answers and ensure those responsible are made accountable.

Negligent treatment by a medical professional such as a doctor, nurse, hospital, physiotherapist, dentist, surgeon or other health provider can have long-lasting effects both physically and psychologically.

There is a reasonable standard of care test that applies to all medical professionals.

If you have suffered, or you are unsure if you have, it is important to seek expert advice and guidance. If it doesn’t feel right then book a free appointment to see one of our kind and experienced personal injury lawyers and we can give you clear guidance and reassurance.

There are strict time frames to make claims so it is important to seek advice as soon as possible. This time frame is 3 years from the date of treatment. You may be able to claim after the 3 years but it is essential that you get advice as soon as possible.

We offer a free first consultation to give you peace of mind and act on a no win, no fee agreement. This allows you to work on recovering while we work on getting you any damages you are owed.

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