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Our goal is to help clients get all charges against them either dismissed or significantly reduced. That’s why we always have a criminal lawyer available 24/7 to help you. 

The Kells’ criminal team can help you deal with affray matters by working closely with you and protecting your rights. Our team is led by a former police officer and prosecutor and has the experience and knowledge to facilitate the very best outcome for clients.

I have been charged with Affray

Affray charges usually come about when there is a large group fighting and/or the police are unable to obtain a victim statement negate consent.

The essence of affray is that the aggression of person 1 directed against person 2 causes (or would cause) person 3 to fear for his or her own safety. The offence was fundamentally developed for the protection of public order and the public against unlawfulness. The Affray charge is designed for the protection of the bystander and envisages three distinct parties.

The penalties for an Affray charge are significant – up to imprisonment for 10 years.

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