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Driving Suspensions

When your future depends on it, you need the very best legal representation.

A licence disqualification can have a serious impact on your ability to go to work and therefore, cause you financial difficulties.

My licence has been suspended

Traffic matters including negligent driving, disqualified, suspended and cancelled licence (Licence appeals).

In 1999 and again in 2013, Road Transport legislation was repealed and replaced by new legislation. This was part of the process of legislative reform attempting to unify nationwide transport legislation in the form of the Australian Road Rules.

Unlike many straightforward issues, driving legislation is extensive and clouded in complication from determining fault, offending conduct to the way fines and suspensions are enforced.

As a driver, there are many obligations with which you must comply (such as at an accident) and failure to do so can lead to further charges or disqualification periods.

There are strict timelines as to court elections which vary according to the circumstances. The court can impose lengthy disqualification periods and even jail for repeat/serious offenders.

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