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We help prevent the criminal charges facing you from impacting your future. Our goal is to help clients get all charges against them either dismissed or significantly reduced.

The Kells’ criminal team is available 24/7 to handle any emergencies and will help prevent criminal charges from affecting your future.

What do I do if I am caught with drugs?

In NSW, possessing, supplying or cultivating a prohibited drug/plant carries significant penalties and is treated very seriously by the Courts with a criminal conviction likely.

Schedule 1 of the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act sets out the small, trafficable, indictable, commercial and large commercial quantities for each prohibited drug. The type of drug and amount supplied will substantially affect the type of penalty the Court will consider.

There are numerous elements to a drug charge and you need to obtain specialist advice prior to making any decisions.

A drug charge carries with it a natural stigma that can not only affect travel but also future employment opportunities, so it is essential to get the right advice early.

The key to our success is based on our fearless commitment to the cause of our client in each and every case that we undertake. Call the Kells Criminal team today on 0410 593 059.


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