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Local Government

Kells’ lawyers have acted for and against local councils and state agencies for over 40 years. 

We work closely with many local Councils and understand the complex and challenging environment in which they operate. We provide practical and timely legal advice, in-house seminars and training and other practical support to Councils and Council officers.

We commonly assist local Councils with:

  • Governance issues
  • Regulatory functions
  • Enforcement
  • Roads
  • Control of Pets
  • Compulsory acquisitions
  • Environmental protection
  • Heritage protection
  • Noise pollution
  • Public Health
  • Town Planning
  • Environmental Protection
  • Public Liability
  • Strategic Planning
  • Public/Private Partnerships.

Common questions we often get from Council officers are:

  • What is a local Council’s liability for road construction and maintenance under the Roads Act 1993?
  • What are Council’s powers of entry and investigation?
  • What are the procedures for Council meetings and resolutions under the Local Government Act?
  • What are Council’s rights and obligations with respect to section 88B instruments?
  • Can Council delegate authority to grant leases and licences?
  • What avenue should we pursue to prosecute repeat offenders?
  • What are Council’s obligations of disclosure under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009?
  • What steps should we take to regulate irresponsible pet owners?

These are just some of the questions we commonly get from a range of local Councils. If you have similar questions or just need advice regarding an aspect of Local Government, contact our team today.


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