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The Government announced that it would introduce a no fault scheme and make a number of changes to the way entitlements are assessed.

These changes were opposed by a number of bodies including the New South Wales Law Society. The Government introduced a Bill to the NSW Parliament seeking to incorporate the proposed changes in the Motor Accident Act. This Bill was passed by the New South Wales Legislative Assembly and introduced to the Legislative Council. The Christian Democrats and the New South Wales Shooters and Fishers Party indicated that they did not support the changes without substantial amendments. The Government arranged a further round of community consultation.

A roundtable discussion was held on 24 July 2013. Various alternate proposals were discussed.

On 19 August 2013 the New South Wales Government indicated that they were not proceeding with the draft bill. It is likely that the New South Wales Government will seek to revise some of these changes either later this year or early next year. Hopefully the Government will take on board some of the feedback and submissions made by interested parties at the roundtable discussion in July.

The withdrawal of this Bill is good news for anyone in a motor vehicle accident in New South Wales through no fault of their own. Their existing entitlements have been preserved. If the draft bill was passed then their entitlements would have been savagely cut.