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As at 28 April 2020, there are 3,009 confirmed cases of COVID-19 within New South Wales. Out of that figure, it is understood that there has been 197 COVID-19 related workers compensation claims made in New South Wales. If you contract COVID-19 in the course of your employment, do you know how to make a claim?

In our Article If you contract the COVID-19 at work, are you entitled to workers compensation? we discussed the general requirements to satisfy if making a claim for compensation:

  1. the Worker has contracted COVID-19
  2. the contraction of COVID-19 arose out of, or in, the course of employment.

Workers at risk of making a workers compensation claim for COVID-19 are frontline health workers with direct contact to patients with COVID-19 or essential workers who are required to substantially perform their duties at their normal workplace.

If a Worker has contracted COVID-19 more than likely during the course of their employment, then the Worker should complete a Workers Injury Claim Form and have their nominated treating doctor complete a Workers Compensation certificate of Capacity. Both of these documents should be lodged with their Employer or iCare as soon as possible after becoming aware of the injury.

If the Insurer accepts liability for the injury, Workers may have an entitlement to claim the following:

  1. payment of reasonable medical treatment and rehabilitation
  2. payment of weekly compensation for total or partial incapacity to work
  3. a lump sum compensation for permanent impairment.

Strict time frames apply in relation to making a workers compensation claim. Please contact our experienced and caring compensation team on 13 535 57 for assistance on lodging a claim or if your workers compensation claim is denied by the insurer.


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