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Why should we care about about iCare?

iCare have now announced their intention to transition to a single scheme agent for Workers Compensation Insurers. This is significant for employers and injured workers alike.

Who is iCare?

iCare (Insurance & Care NSW) was created in September 2015 through commencement of the State Insurance and Care Governance Act. This legislation established iCare as a Public Financial Corporation governed by a board of directors. Its purpose is to deliver the insurance and care services to all persons in NSW who are injured in work or motor vehicle accidents.

iCare have now announced changes to the way workers compensation insurance will be managed. iCare presently has 5 agents who administer workers compensation scheme insurance, they are EML, GIO, Allianz, QBE, and CGU.

From 1 January 2018 EML has been appointed the sole agent for all new workers compensation claims. GIO and Allianz have been selected as transition agents for all existing claims. The involvement of QBE and CGU in claims for workers compensation will cease entirely at the end of this year.

What does this mean for injured workers?

Injured workers where the insurer on risk is QBE or CGU may have already received letters outlining the changes. All injured workers whose claim is managed by GIO and Allianz will have their claim transitioned to the administration of EML on behalf of iCare.

It is important to note this should not affect any rights to compensation whatsoever. Injured workers who are currently in receipt of weekly payments of compensation or compensation for reasonably necessary medical expenses will continue to receive payments and provision of services.  Notice of a new claims manager and insurer will be duly provided once the claim has been transferred.

If you are an affected injured worker you do not have to do anything and can be assured your rights should be in order. However, if you have any concerns or difficulties in relation to the transition please do not hesitate to contact our compensation team.