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No sooner after you lay the chip bark in the garden bed, the agents will be knocking. It may just be spring gardening, however a savvy real estate agent will see it as a potential sale. If you are looking to sell, you will surely be dazzled with comparable sales figures, marketing features ranging from photos to drones and an entourage of sales staff with bright smiles. Once you have an opportunity to digest all their information, how do you choose an agent?

We often get asked for agent recommendations however its more the case of different strokes for different folks. Selling a property is a milestone event and you may prefer for the person selling your house to be like minded to yourself. Some vendors prefer their agent to be charismatic with all the bells and whistles who dictates the terms and the vendor’s expectations leaving a potential purchaser railroaded. Others prefer their agent to be more of a quiet achiever, one who has the ability to negotiate with a buyer in order to push them ever so gently to their upmost limit whilst keeping all parties happy with the result.

One way of approaching the decision, is to turn the tables around, what sort of agent would you like to deal with when buying a house? It really is a personal choice and you should feel comfortable with the decision and not obligated by any means to select a particular agent. We would not recommend for you to appoint the agent who has been managing your property and tenant for years and years as they may not be the best person for the job. Shop around, get a few appraisals from various agents and compare their fees and expenses.

At the end of the day it is a business decision and you want to employ the best person for you and your expectations to ensure a smooth real estate transaction.