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All New South Wales motorists will now be required to follow new speed limits from Thursday, 26 September.

Drivers who do not follow the new rule will lose 3 demerit points and be fined $457.

What is this new rule?

The NSW State Government has introduced this new road rule of slow down safely and move over when passing emergency vehicles such as police, ambulance and fire brigade. But with the new rule, this has been expanded to now include tow trucks and breakdown assistance vehicles such as NRMA.

Whilst driving alongside these emergency vehicles, all drivers must slow down to 40km per hour on roads with speed limits of 80km per hour or under.

In speed zones of 90km per hour or more, all drivers will no longer have to slow down to 40km per hour instead, they will be required to slow down safely and move over and allow them as much space as possible.

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