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In response the COVID-19 pandemic, New South Wales Local Courts have implemented significant changes to court procedures.

The changes are aimed at reducing the number of people who come in contact with Local Court but still allow the court system to remain open.

The most significant change removes the requirement for people, including those on bail, to attend court in person. A person who has been charged with an offence can now submit their appearance and enter a plea in writing using the Written Notice of Pleading form. If the form is filled out correctly and received by before the court date the matter will be adjourned and the person notified of the outcome.

The form requires a plea of guilty or not guilty to be entered which has huge consequences on how the matter will be finalised.

It is extremely important to enter the appropriate plea and it is strongly recommended that you obtain legal advice before submitting this form.

Kells Lawyers is offering free legal advice to assist the completion of these forms. If you or anyone you know is required to attend court please get in contact with our criminal team.


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