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It is no surprise that speeding on NSW roads is an offence. Everyone is aware that travelling in excess of the speed limit can attract fines and lead to the imposition of demerit points.

But did you know that certain speeding offences can result in you automatically losing your license?

If you exceed the speed limit by more then 30km per hour, your license can be automatically suspended for 3 months.

If police catch you speeding by more than 45km per hour over the limit you may have your license immediately suspended and confiscated at the roadside for 6 months.

These penalties can also be in addition to incurring substantial fines and demerit points.

Police can even impound  your car if:

  • you are caught exceeding the speed limit by 45km per hour; or
  • you  are a disqualified driver  who is caught exceeding the speed limit by 30km per hour.

Speed is the number one contributor to road incidents and fatalities on NSW Roads. It is important that all road users are driving safely and within the speed limits.

But a moment of inattention can be all it takes for an otherwise safe driver to be facing an extended period off the road.  An all too frequent example is when a driver does not immediately react to a change in the speed limit, particularly on freeways where the limits can often drop from 110km per hour down to 80km per hour. For people regularly travelling between Sydney and Wollongong, this occurs at 2 locations near Waterfall, and the top of Bulli pass. It is often not surprising for  the highway police to be frequently station near these locations.

It is important to be vigilant, attentive and safe on our roads. But even for the safest driver, one moment of inattention on the trip between Sydney and Wollongong could place their license in jeopardy.

Fortunately, there are ways to appeal to the Local Court to have the potential suspensions removed or reduced.  If you have made one mistake, don’t make two. If you are facing a potential license suspension contact Kells for an appointment to discuss your legal options.

This article was written by the Kells Criminal Law Team.