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Be careful, as of last month, new road rules will change the speed limit whilst passing parked emergency vehicles, regardless of the designated speed limit.

Here are some points to save you from a $448 fine:

  1. Reduce your speed to 40km per hour as safely as possible when passing a stopped emergency service vehicle flashing their red and blue lights.
  2. Give way to pedestrians and emergency service workers on foot in the incident area.
  3. If you are driving on the opposite side of the road to the parked emergency vehicle, you must also slow down to 40km per hour, unless the road is divided by a median strip.
  4. You may resume a higher speed once it is safe to do so given the circumstances.
  5. Should you not obey these new rules, you are liable to a $448 fine.

This article was written by the Kells Criminal Law Team