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Estate Planning Check-up and Safe Custody of Documents

Estate Planning Check-up – a priority for today. 

An effective Will is just one of the steps in smarter estate planning. Estate planning must be a continuous process, as your estate plan needs to change as your life changes.

At Kells, an estate planning check-up considers:

  • Your total life focus
  • How your assets currently pass on after death
  • Superannuation benefits
  • Insurance cover
  • Creating personal wealth
  • Better planning for retirement.

Working with an experienced lawyer can identify opportunities in your estate plan for changes in the economy, your personal circumstances / assets and explore tax saving opportunities. The overall objective is to ensure as much of your hard-earned wealth is being passed to those you love.

Current assets

Did you know that not all of your estate passes on after death under your Will? Failure to give attention to the planning of your assets can lead to inadvertent benefit to a beneficiary, unnecessary tax liability or loss of pension.

Is your home jointly owned with your spouse/partner? Can you transfer assets to joint ownership or a non-estate ownership to achieve asset protection and reduce future legal costs. Stamp duty is no longer payable on the transfer to your spouse/partner of a one-half interest in your home. Should you transfer a joint interest now?


For most Australians superannuation is a significant asset. Are you aware of your death benefit recipients? What discretion does your Superannuation Trustee have to distribute benefits? Should you make a legal binding nomination?

For the right professional advice, contact our experienced estate planning lawyers for an estate planning check-up today!

Safe custody of documents

Our service to clients includes storing your original documents in our strongroom for safekeeping.

Retaining your documents in safe custody is a service that Kells provides free of charge. If at any time you wish to uplift a document of yours from our strongroom you are quite free to do so. However, if you wish someone else to uplift a document on your behalf you must provide them with your written authority and a certified copy of your identification.

We strongly recommend that you store copies of your documents in a safe place at home or in a safe deposit box if you have one. You should also ensure that your executors, attorneys and guardians are aware that we hold the originals in our safe custody.


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