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Disputing Wills

Have you been left out of a Will or feel you haven’t been adequately provided for? At Kells, we understand that the passing of a family member or loved one can be a stressful time which needs to be handled with the greatest of care and respect.

The loss of a loved one is never easy, and with the ever-increasing complexity of legal assets, family structures and relationships, it is not uncommon for disputes to arise.

Disputes can occur where:

  • There is a Will however it does not properly reflect the wishes of the deceased
  • There is a later document that looks like a Will but may not legally be one
  • There was undue pressure on a person making a Will that resulted in a person receiving more under a Will than would otherwise be the case
  • A Will has been made by a person who didn’t have the legal capacity to make decisions about the distribution of their assets
  • Executors or administrators are not properly administering an estate and protecting the interests of beneficiaries.

Our disputed estates team has the expertise to help you navigate these complexities and advise you on your rights and options, including the commencement of court proceedings if necessary.

If you believe that an estate is being administered incorrectly, or that a Will being submitted to Court is not valid, you should contact our office immediately as there are strict time limits that can apply to commencing proceedings.

We can help you by reviewing your claim, examining legal documents submitted by other parties, advising you on your options and ultimately negotiating the best possible outcome available.

Kells makes estate planning easy. Whether you’re making a Will or changing one, executing a Will or disputing one, Kells is your cornerstone. Let our expert estate planning lawyers assist you.


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